Koshkar-Ata lake

Lake Koshkar-Ata, also known as Koshkar-Ata Lake or Koshkar-Ata Reservoir, is a significant body of water located in the Mangystau Region of Kazakhstan. 

Here are some key details about Lake Koshkar-Ata:

Location: Lake Koshkar-Ata is situated in the Mangystau Region in western Kazakhstan. It is part of the Ustyurt Plateau, which is known for its unique geological formations and arid landscapes.

Artificial Reservoir: Lake Koshkar-Ata is an artificial reservoir created by the damming of the Koshkar-Ata River. The dam was constructed to store water for irrigation and agricultural purposes in the region.

Size: The lake covers a significant area, and its size can vary depending on water levels. It provides a valuable water resource for the local community and agriculture in the arid region.

Surrounding Landscape: The lake is surrounded by a semi-arid landscape typical of the Ustyurt Plateau. The area is characterized by rocky terrain, low vegetation, and a challenging desert environment.

Recreation: Lake Koshkar-Ata has also become a destination for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists interested in boating, fishing, and birdwatching. The lake and its surroundings offer opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Wildlife: The lake and its wetland areas support some wildlife and bird species adapted to the desert environment. Birdwatchers may find various bird species in the region.

Environmental Conservation: Efforts are made to balance the use of the reservoir for agricultural purposes with the need to protect the fragile ecosystem and maintain sustainable water management practices.


Lake Koshkar-Ata plays a significant role in providing water resources for agriculture and offering recreational opportunities in the arid landscape of the Mangystau Region. It is a valuable resource for the local community and a destination for those interested in experiencing the unique environment of the Ustyurt Plateau.


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