Karkaraly National Park

Karkaraly National Park, also known as Karkaraly (Qarqaraly) Mountains National Nature Park, is a protected natural area located in Kazakhstan. It is known for its stunning landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and historical and cultural significance.

Burabay National Park

Borovoe or Burabay National Park, also known as Abylai Khan National Park, is a picturesque and popular national park located in northern Kazakhstan. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and recreational opportunities.

The Bektau-Ata Landmark

The Bektau-Ata Landmark, often referred to as the Bektau-Ata Mountains or Bektau-Ata Rocks, is a unique geological and natural feature located in the Karaganda Region of Kazakhstan. It is renowned for its otherworldly and surreal landscape, characterized by large rock formations, caves, and bizarrely shaped rock outcrops.

Astana capital city of Kazakhstan

Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan. It is one of the largest and most important cities in the country. Astana is located in the northern part of Kazakhstan, on the banks of the Ishim River. It is situated in the Akmola Region of the country.

Kobeituz pink lake

Lake Kobeituz, located to the northeast of the city of Yereymentau in Kazakhstan, derives its name from the local Kazakh language. In this linguistic context, "kobei" signifies "multiply," and "tuz" conveys the meaning of "salt."

The ALZHIR Memorial Complex

The ALZHIR Memorial Complex, also known as the Museum of Repression, is a historical site located in Kazakhstan. It serves as a memorial and educational center dedicated to the memory of victims of political repression during the Soviet era.

The Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve

The Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve, also known as Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve, is a protected natural area located in Kazakhstan. It is one of the country's most significant and ecologically important protected areas, known for its diverse ecosystems, wetlands, and diverse birdlife.

Betpak-Dala Desert

Betpak-Dala, also known as Betpak-Dala Desert, is a large desert region located in Kazakhstan. It is one of the country's significant desert areas and is characterized by its unique landscapes and features.