The Spirit of Tengri Festival

The Spirit of Tengri Festival is a prominent international music festival held in Kazakhstan. 

Here is some information about this festival:

Name: The festival is known as "The Spirit of Tengri," which is a reference to Tengrism, the ancient Central Asian belief system centered around the sky god Tengri.

Location: The festival takes place in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, and one of the country's cultural hubs.

Purpose: The Spirit of Tengri Festival celebrates the diversity and richness of world music, with a particular focus on the traditional and contemporary music of Central Asia and Eurasia. The festival's mission is to promote intercultural dialogue, foster appreciation for ethnic and world music, and bring together artists and audiences from around the globe.

Music and Performers: The festival features a wide range of musical genres and performances, including traditional folk music, contemporary fusion music, and world music from different cultures. It showcases both local Kazakh talent and international artists.

Unique Setting: The festival is typically held in an open-air setting, creating a unique atmosphere for the performances. The backdrop of the festival often includes the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding region, making it a visually captivating experience.

International Reach: The Spirit of Tengri Festival has attracted artists and musicians from various countries, contributing to its reputation as a global music event.

Cultural Exchange: In addition to musical performances, the festival often includes cultural exhibits, workshops, and opportunities for artists and audiences to engage in cultural exchange. It provides a platform for artists to collaborate and learn from one another.

Promotion of Tengriism: The festival's name and thematic elements occasionally emphasize the historical and cultural significance of Tengrism, which was a prevalent belief system among the nomadic tribes of Central Asia.


The Spirit of Tengri Festival serves as a platform for showcasing the rich musical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and the broader Eurasian region. It has become an important event for music enthusiasts, artists, and those interested in exploring the diversity of world music. The festival continues to draw audiences and performers from different parts of the world and plays a vital role in fostering cultural exchange and appreciation. If you plan to attend this festival, be sure to check for the most up-to-date information regarding its dates and program.