Aktau International Airport

Aktau International Airport, known as Halyqaralyq Aqtau Äuejaiy in Kazakh, was formerly referred to as Shevchenko-Central. This significant international airport is situated in the Mangystau Region of Kazakhstan and serves as the primary international gateway for the city of Aqtau.

Almaty International Airport

Almaty International Airport (IATA: ALA, ICAO: UAAA), known as "Halyqaralyq Almaty Äuejaiy" in Kazakh, is a prominent international airport situated 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) to the northeast of Almaty.

Shymkent International Airport

Shymkent International Airport with the IATA code CIT and ICAO code UAII is a key international airport that serves the city of Şymkent in Kazakhstan. The airport is equipped with a single passenger terminal and boasts one runway for flight operations.