The FourЭ ethnic ecological festival

The "FourЭ" ethnic ecological festival is held in the middle of August, and "Э" represents four words: ecology, ethnicity, emotions, and evolution. These principles are important for human spiritual development. The festival's decoration and overall ambiance are designed to reflect these four colors, each symbolizing a different aspect of the festival's concept: green for ecology, purple for evolution, pink for emotions, and orange for ethnicity.

The festival, which celebrated its ninth year in 2018, takes place in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. It showcases the world's best traditions, featuring music, dance, legends, fairy tales, and participants in national costumes. The festival also brings together masters of various spiritual directions, yoga practitioners, and psychologists.

In the evenings, musical performances entertain the guests, featuring musicians from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. The festival provides a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural and spiritual traditions of the region.


The Spirit of Tengri Festival

The Spirit of Tengri Festival is a prominent international music festival held in Kazakhstan. The festival is known as "The Spirit of Tengri," which is a reference to Tengrism, the ancient Central Asian belief system centered around the sky god Tengri.

The ToiKazan Festival

The ToiKazan Festival is a traditional Kazakh cultural event that celebrates the art of cooking and sharing traditional Kazakh dishes, particularly the preparation of pilaf, or "plov" as it's known in Central Asia.

The Alakol Wings Festival

The Alakol Wings Festival is a unique event in Kazakhstan, specifically designed for bird watchers. The festival is held annually in May on the shores of Alakol Lake in the Almaty Province. Alakol Lake is renowned for its therapeutic properties and is a significant area for ornithologists.