Kobeituz pink lake

Lake Kobeituz, located to the northeast of the city of Yereymentau in Kazakhstan, derives its name from the local Kazakh language. In this linguistic context, "kobei" signifies "multiply," and "tuz" conveys the meaning of "salt." This etymology reflects the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region, highlighting the significance of the Kazakh language and the presence of salt, perhaps indicating the saline nature of the lake.

Here some informations about Kobeituz pink lake

Lake Kobeituz is situated within the Teniz basin, which is connected to the salt lake known as Lake Teniz in the Olenti river basin. It is located at an elevation of 253 meters (830 feet) above sea level, approximately 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) to the east of the eastern shoreline of Lake Teniz.

One of the striking features of Lake Kobeituz is its pink coloration, which is a result of the presence of Dunaliella salina, a species of algae. This alga imparts a pink tint to the water, and it is known to be a common occurrence in lakes with high salt concentrations. The pink coloration tends to be most pronounced during the warm months when the salinity of the water is at its highest.

Dunaliella salina is known to adapt to various environmental conditions, and in high-salinity environments like Lake Kobeituz, it produces carotenoids that give the water its reddish or pinkish hue. This phenomenon of pink lakes resulting from high salt concentrations and the presence of specific algae is observed in several other lakes around the world, making it a fascinating natural occurrence.

Lake Kobeituz's high salt concentration allows individuals to float in a manner similar to the experience at the Dead Sea. However, swimming in Lake Kobeituz is impractical due to its shallow nature, with a maximum depth of approximately 20 centimeters, allowing visitors to wade in the water only knee-deep. Despite its shallow depth, the lake remains a popular destination for young people seeking to capture stunning photographs. For the most vivid coloration of Lake Kobeituz, it is recommended to visit on sunny days, as microorganisms within the lake are believed to release their pigments most actively under such conditions, creating the vibrant and captivating pink hue.


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