The Alakol Wings Festival

The Alakol Wings Festival is a unique event in Kazakhstan, specifically designed for bird watchers. The festival is held annually in May on the shores of Alakol Lake in the Almaty Province. Alakol Lake is renowned for its therapeutic properties and is a significant area for ornithologists. Professional bird experts consider this region to be one of the most favorable bird migration routes in the world.

During the festival, visitors have the opportunity to witness the spectacular bird migrations that occur during the spring season in Kazakhstan. It is estimated that more than five million birds pass through this area during their seasonal migration. Many of these birds are returning to their nests after spending the winter in warmer regions, and some may even have already hatched their chicks.

The festival offers excellent opportunities for bird watching, and attendees can observe a wide variety of bird species, including pink flamingos, curly pelicans, white and grey herons, spoonbills, swans, and various species of grey-backs. Bird enthusiasts may even have the chance to spot a relict seagull (Larus relictus), a unique and rare species.

Visitors to the festival can join field tours conducted on specially equipped transporters along the lake shore and through the mountain gorges of Jetisy Alatau (Dzungarian). The festival's organizers, including the staff of the Alakol Nature Reserve, are knowledgeable ornithologists and bird watchers from around the country. They offer informative lectures and presentations for festival attendees.

The Alakol Wings Festival caters to both novice and experienced bird watchers, providing them with the opportunity to participate in special bird tours. The primary goal of the festival is to promote ornithological tourism in Kazakhstan and to encourage nature exploration through the exciting activity of bird watching. It offers a unique experience for those interested in birds and the natural world.