The ToiKazan Festival

The ToiKazan Festival is a traditional Kazakh cultural event that celebrates the art of cooking and sharing traditional Kazakh dishes, particularly the preparation of pilaf, or "plov" as it's known in Central Asia. 

Here is some information about the festival:

Name: ToiKazan Festival.

Location: The festival is typically held in various regions of Kazakhstan, and it can also be found in other Central Asian countries where Kazakh communities reside.

Purpose: The primary purpose of the ToiKazan Festival is to celebrate and preserve Kazakh culinary traditions, particularly the art of cooking pilaf. It's a cultural event that brings together communities and families to showcase their culinary skills, exchange recipes, and share their passion for traditional Kazakh food.

Culinary Focus: The central element of the festival is the preparation of pilaf, a beloved and traditional Kazakh dish. Participants, often from different regions of Kazakhstan, compete to make the best pilaf. This often involves a friendly culinary competition, where each participant or team prepares their version of pilaf using local ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques.

Cultural Elements: In addition to culinary competitions, the festival may include cultural performances, traditional music, dance, and exhibitions showcasing Kazakh crafts and art.

Community Gathering: The ToiKazan Festival is a communal event that encourages people to come together to cook, share meals, and socialize. It provides an opportunity for people to strengthen their bonds and learn from one another.

Promotion of Kazakh Cuisine: The festival promotes the rich culinary heritage of Kazakhstan, particularly the various regional styles and flavors of pilaf. It allows participants and visitors to explore the diverse tastes and cooking traditions of the country.

Open to All: While there may be competitions, the festival is usually open to everyone, and attendees can enjoy the pilaf prepared by participants. It's a great opportunity for visitors to savor traditional Kazakh cuisine.

Dates: The festival's dates can vary from year to year and from one location to another, so it's advisable to check for the most up-to-date information if you plan to attend.


The ToiKazan Festival is a delightful celebration of Kazakh culinary culture and traditions, offering an opportunity to savor the flavors of Kazakhstan and appreciate the art of preparing pilaf. It brings together communities, families, and food enthusiasts who share a passion for delicious and traditional Kazakh dishes.