The Kapchagay Reservoir

The Kapchagay Reservoir, also known as Lake Kapchagay or Kapchagay Lake, is a large artificial reservoir located in Kazakhstan, near the city of Kapchagay. It is one of the largest reservoirs in the country and serves multiple purposes, including irrigation, water supply, and recreational activities. 

Here are some key features and information about the Kapchagay Reservoir:

Location: The Kapchagay Reservoir is situated in the Almaty Region of Kazakhstan, approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles) northeast of Almaty, the country's largest city. Its proximity to Almaty makes it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.
Purpose: The reservoir was created by damming the Ili River in 1970 to serve as a source of freshwater for irrigation and as a reservoir for water supply. It also generates hydroelectric power for the surrounding region.
Recreation: The Kapchagay Reservoir is a major recreational area in Kazakhstan. The clear blue waters and the surrounding landscape, with the backdrop of the Tian Shan Mountains, provide a picturesque setting for various outdoor activities.
Water Sports: The reservoir is a popular destination for water sports such as swimming, boating, jet skiing, and fishing. Visitors can rent boats and other watercraft to enjoy the lake.

Fishing: Kapchagay Reservoir is known for its fishing opportunities. It is stocked with various fish species, including pike, carp, perch, and catfish. Fishing is a popular pastime, and there are designated areas for anglers.
Beaches: The reservoir has several beaches along its shores, making it a great place for sunbathing, picnicking, and enjoying the water in the summertime.
Resort and Casino: The Kapchagay area includes a resort and entertainment complex with hotels, restaurants, and a casino, providing options for relaxation and entertainment.
Nightlife: The resort area near the reservoir offers nightlife and entertainment, with clubs and bars that come alive after dark.
Proximity to Almaty: The reservoir's location near Almaty makes it a popular day-trip destination for city residents and tourists looking for a break from the urban environment.
Natural Scenery: The surrounding landscape, including the Tian Shan Mountains and nearby Charyn Canyon, provides opportunities for hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the region.


The Kapchagay Reservoir serves as a multifunctional destination, offering recreational activities, natural beauty, and a getaway from the city of Almaty. It is a popular spot for those seeking water-based activities, relaxation, and a chance to appreciate the picturesque surroundings of southeastern Kazakhstan.