Balaoiyk Cave

Balaoiyk Cave, also known as Balayuk Cave, is a relatively recent geological discovery and is often referred to as the miracle of Ustyurt. 

Here are some key details about Balaoiyk Cave:

Location: Balaoiyk Cave is situated in the south-eastern part of the Ustyurt Plateau, near the border with the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is located approximately 52 kilometers southeast of the Karynzharyk Depression and 350 kilometers from Aktau, a city in western Kazakhstan.

Hidden Entrance: The entrance to the cave is concealed within the landscape. It is located within a karst hollow that is approximately 50 meters long and 7 meters deep. The concealed entrance adds to the cave's mystique and uniqueness.

Geological Formation: Balaoiyk Cave is a 120-meter-deep cave created by underground springs. The subterranean water has sculpted the cave over time. The precise depth of the underground lake at the bottom of the cave has not been measured, adding to the intrigue of this natural wonder.

Karst Caves: The Ustyurt Plateau is known for the presence of various karst caves. Karst landscapes are characterized by unique geological formations created by the dissolution of soluble rocks like limestone and gypsum. These formations often include caves, sinkholes, and underground rivers.


Balaoiyk Cave stands out as a captivating and mysterious natural feature within the Ustyurt Plateau. Its concealed entrance and the enigmatic underground lake make it a significant geological discovery and a potential point of interest for explorers and adventurers. The region's karst landscapes add to the geological diversity and natural beauty of the Ustyurt Plateau.