The Ykhlas Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

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Location: The museum is situated in Panfilov Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


  • The wooden building was erected in 1908, contemporaneously with the Ascension Cathedral, serving as a venue for military ceremonies and state receptions.
  • The architectural style reflects Old Russian architecture, designed by the renowned architect A.P. Zenkov.
  • Originally used as the House of Officers, it was transformed into the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in 1980.

Name and Dedication:

  • Named after Ykylas, a prominent Kazakh musician from the 19th and 20th centuries who advocated for the preservation of folk culture and various national instruments.


  • The rectangular wooden building features tall, rectangular windows with intricately carved platbands.
  • Triaxial space-planning solution with risalits accentuating the main facade.
  • The central risalit has a two-tiered hipped roof with ornately decorated carved platbands.

Reconstruction (1979):

  • Kazakh national patterns were added to the wooden carvings during the reconstruction.

Exhibition Halls:

  • Sources of Folk Music: Traces the history of musical instruments of Turkic peoples.
  • Hall of Wind and Percussion Instruments: Showcases instruments such as dauylpa, dudyga, shyn, asatayak, dabyl, kos dunkildek, and shyndauyl.
  • Hall of Masters: Features winning instruments from the first Republican Instrument-Making Contest "Aniz dombyra."
  • Kobyz Hall: Dedicated to the traditional Kazakh instrument, kobyz.
  • Hall of Turkic Peoples' Musical Instruments: Displays instruments from 14 Turkic-speaking countries.
  • Hall of Musical Instruments of the World Peoples: Exhibits 81 musical instruments from 27 countries worldwide.

The Ykhlas Museum of Folk Musical Instruments appears to be a valuable cultural institution that celebrates the musical traditions of Kazakhstan and beyond. Visitors can explore the history, craftsmanship, and diversity of musical instruments in a captivating setting.