The Museum Complex Residence Abylai Khan

The Museum Complex Residence Abylai Khan is a historical and cultural institution located in the city of Ulytau, Kazakhstan. It is dedicated to the life and legacy of Abylai Khan, a prominent historical figure in Kazakhstan's history. 

Here are some key details about the museum complex:

Location: The Museum Complex "Residence Abylai Khan" is located in Ulytau, a city in the Karaganda Region of Kazakhstan. Ulytau is known for its historical and cultural significance, and it is closely associated with Abylai Khan.

Abylai Khan: Abylai Khan was an 18th-century leader and one of the most significant Kazakh khans. He played a crucial role in uniting and leading various Kazakh tribes during a turbulent period in the region's history.

Museum and Cultural Center: The complex serves as a museum and cultural center dedicated to Abylai Khan. It provides insights into his life, leadership, and contributions to the Kazakh people.

Exhibits: The museum features a collection of artifacts, historical documents, and exhibits related to Abylai Khan and the history of the Kazakh people during his time.

Cultural and Educational Events: The museum complex also hosts cultural and educational events, including exhibitions, performances, and lectures, to promote a better understanding of Abylai Khan's era and the broader cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

Tourism: The museum is a destination for both local and international tourists interested in learning about the history of Kazakhstan and its legendary leaders.

Ulytau Region: Ulytau is a historically rich region associated with many important events and figures in Kazakh history. It is known for its natural beauty and cultural significance.


The Museum Complex Residence Abylai Khan serves as a valuable institution for preserving the history and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan, with a specific focus on Abylai Khan and his contributions to the nation. It is an essential destination for those interested in exploring the history and culture of the region.